Driving home one night after a long day saving animals Dr Greg noticed a big fluffy dog sitting on the side of the road waiting to either be saved or sent to the rubbish tip 

Since saving dogs is what he does Dr Greg stopped, checked with the previous owners that the Big Fluffy Dog was indeed looking for a new home.  He was!  So home he went.  The next morning the BFD was presented to our dedicated, and sometimes long suffering, nurses for a make-over …

Accompanied by much eye-rolling, sighing, and many bad jokes the BFD was hydro bathed, blow dried, flea rinsed, deodorised and given his own collar and lead ready to take up his new position standing guard at the front of Richmond Vet Hospital.  He quickly became a popular and well recognised local icon with many locals, young and old, stopping to say hello and have a pat.

Then one day, April Fool’s Day to be precise, Mechelle put the BFD out in his usual position monitoring passers-by and then went on with her morning duties.  A little while later she looked out the front window, then she looked again, then she went outside to make sure that she wasn’t actually seeing double … there were now TWO BFD’s!   Our BFD had found a BFD girlfriend!

And so April (named for obvious reasons) joined the team … her mystery donor was never identified … and a little while later a Little Fluffy Dog appeared (I think Nurse Mechelle had something to do with that) and there was a Fluffy Dog Family welcoming clients to the Hospital.

Tragically BFD became the target of local hoons when he was taken in a drive-by dognapping!  Some clients witnessed the heinous crime, one stayed in pursuit of the nappers until she lost them at an intersection and another client rang the police!  Apparently it was a slow crime day because they turned up on the doorstep a short while later!  They were a little disappointed to find that it wasn’t actually a live dog that was napped however they were quite happy to hang around for a little while in the air-conditioning to discuss the crime … it being quite a hot day.


Alas, BFD was never returned to us (rotten mongrels) and April has stood guard alone ever since.  (LFD was too easily blown away in strong winds so had to find another home)

Standing outside day after day, come rain, hail or shine is hard work … A BFD can only take so many bean transfusions and hydro baths before even that won’t keep your head up, your legs straight and your coat fluffy … so it has become time for April to go to the BFD ‘farm’… 







And so begins the tenure of our new Big Fluffy Dog called Ralph!

Congratulations to Mrs M Domigan for naming our new guard dog.

Make sure you say hello to him next time you're passing.