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We are still here to provide complete care for your pets during this crisis.

Richmond & Wilberforce Vet Hospitals are open for business as normally as possible. There are some precautions and procedures we must follow though to protect our staff and our clients.

  • You must call to make an appointment
    • To minimise your waiting time.
    • To maintain minimum number of people in reception.                                                                                     
  • On arrival ...
    • ONE Person is allowed to accompany your pet.
      • Allowance will be made for frail or elderly who need assistance. 
    • Use the hand sanitiser provided at reception
    • Sign the Visitor Log on arrival.
    • You may be asked to wait outside or in your car
      • If you have any cold or flu symptoms  (please wear one of our face masks.)
      • If there are other people in reception                                                                                           
  • If you are positive for Covid 19 or under self isolation and your pet needs treatment, please call us to make special arrangements.
  • Prescription Medications, Pet Food, Flea Treatments etc
    • Whenever possible please call ahead to order and pay.
    • We will then have your products ready to grab and run!

Please check our website www.richmondvet.com.au or www.wilberforcevet.com.au or Facebook - Richmond Vet Hospital or Wilberforce Vet Hospital - for information regarding any changes to our hours or services.

And don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about your pets and the Covid 19 virus.

Regards from all the Team at

Richmond & Wilberforce Vet Hospitals.

The following advice is from the Australian Veterinary Association ...

COVID-19 and companion animals

What is a coronavirus?
Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that infect birds and mammals, including humans. They are often associated with the common cold, bronchitis and pneumonia, and can also affect the gut. The virus that causes COVID-19 is also a coronavirus and likely originated from a wildlife reservoir.
Canine coronavirus, which can cause diarrhoea, and feline coronavirus, which can cause feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), have been seen by veterinarians for many years. They do not cause infections in humans. These coronaviruses are not associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Can COVID-19 infect pets?
There have been reports from Hong Kong that a dog owned by a patient with COVID-19 has tested positive to the presence of the virus in its nose and mouth. This is may be a case of human to animal transmission, however the dog’s first blood tests have been negative. At this stage there is no evidence that pet dogs or cats are a source of infection to other animals or humans. We are continuing to monitor this situation and will provide updated information as it becomes available.

Should I avoid contact with pets or other animals if I am sick with COVID-19?
As the outbreak continues, a number of pet owners will be placed in quarantine, either with confirmed COVID-19 infection or due to exposure. We know that your pet is part of your family and you will want them to have the same level of protection and care as any other family member. Current information suggests there is no apparent risk to you or your pet from being in quarantine with you. However, we do advise all pet owners continue to practice appropriate hand hygiene before and after handling their pet, their food and washing food/water bowls. At no stage should pet owners do anything that may compromise the welfare of their pets. We suggest minimising close contact with your pet during this time, such as hugging, face to face contact or sleeping on your bed.

What do I do if I am in quarantine or self-isolation and my pet is unwell?
If you are in quarantine, do not break quarantine to take your pet to the veterinarian even if your pet is unwell. By doing this you will put your veterinarian and staff at risk of infection. Ring your veterinary surgery first and ask for advice. If your pet needs to be seen, your veterinarian will be able to work with you to ensure your pet will receive the care they need, while keeping themselves and their staff safe from COVID-19 infection.
If your vet provides house calls, please let them know you are under quarantine before they arrive.

If you have any other concerns about your pet, please ask your veterinarian.

Note that this is a rapidly evolving situation and advice provided here is reflective of the evidence at hand (16-03-20). For up to date information on the COVID-19 situation in Australia go to health.gov.au


Richmond & Wilberforrce Vet Hospitals provide modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets. We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinics with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. Our dedicated Veterinarians and Nurses are all passionate about your pets and their welfare.

At Richmond & Wilberforce Vet Hospitals, you’ll be fully supported with sound advice first and foremost. We know that helping our clients starts with providing a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options. With good advice and professional recommendations, you’ll be well equipped to make the best health care decisions for your pet.

Our support staff are all qualified Veterinary Nurses.  We don't have receptionists, or salespeople, or kennel hands or surgical nurses or technicians.  Our nurses take care of you and your pets from the minute you walk in the door.  When you leave your pet with us for surgery or hospitalisation or any other service your pet is cleaned, fed, walked, monitored and cared for by the very best Vet Nurses there are.

With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores we provide on-the-spot assistance for nearly all pet health and medical needs. Take a moment to meet our team. We look forward to seeing you and your pet again at the next scheduled visit.

You will see the same staff at both hospitals, so if we're closed at Wilberforce just pop over to Richmond ... all your pets' medical records are accessible at both hospitals.  Same great care and service at both sites.



A big part of the Hawkesbury local community

Richmond & wilberforce Vet Hospitals have been an integral part of our local community for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of our clients' cats & dogs, rats, rabbits & guinea pigs, birds, and even a few snakes. Being so strongly integrated with our local community is important to us and our clients. Our customers know by experience that they can rely on us for sound advice and treatment options and that their pet is in the very best hands with our team.

We work closely with the Hawkesbury Animal Shelter giving them advice on disease prevention and joining them in a low cost desexing programme for all Shelter dogs and cats going to new homes.  We also accept stray dogs and cats brought in to us, often finding and reuniting them with their owners before the Shelter picks them up.

We have also been caring for the local wildlife since 1988 providing care and assistance to injured wildlife brought in to us and then liaising with WIRES for their ongoing care and release.